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Custom Furniture & Built-ins

As furniture makers, we have developed a system that allows consumers to have custom furniture and built-ins off all different types, at reasonable prices. In most cases, our prices are no more than retail stores, but are always made from quality real wood.

We have multiple crown and door styles, along with other design elements. When you visit our shop, you can pick and choose how you want your furniture to look and function.

We start by talking with you to find out what you need, the size and design elements you would like. During the discussion, we create a freehand drawing of the item. We use that drawing to create a CAD drawing and finish sample for you, and to determine the cost of the item. This is the newest thing and we are ahead of others in the industry!

We only use high-quality wood and materials, unlike many retail furniture stores. With us, you get the highest quality at competitive prices. Plus, most retail stores do not offer you options - you're stuck with whatever they have in stock. Even if they do have customizable options, many furniture retailers charge an arm and a leg!


At The Restoration Society,
you can have the size you want,
the style that you want, and the finish that you want,
all at a cost that is usually less than a similar low-quality item in a retail store.


If you're particular and you've looked at furniture all over the tri-state and still cannot find what you want ... come see us! You'll be amazed, impressed, and you'll have something that can be handed down for generations to come.

Visit The Restoration Society for a no-obligation consultation and bring your ideas to life.

At The Restoration Society, you can watch skilled craftsmen at work each day, visit Aunt Ninnie's Kitchen, and stroll through our showrooms which are filled with many beautiful items.

Custom Projects

Below are pictures of custom projects done for some clients. If you prefer, you may also view video clips at the right.

Client Meeting to Discuss Multiple Projects
This was for a set of custom display cabinets to organize the Client's extensive collection of baseball memorabilia.

Meeting with Clients

Free-hand Sketch of Project Design for Custom Display Cabinets

Free-hand Sketch

CAD Drawing Created from Sketch

CAD Drawing

Client's Previous Display Case

Old Display Case

Installation of Custom Display Cases

Assembly of Cases

Completed Display Cabinets

Custom Display Cases

Custom Display Cases

Custom Display Cases

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PROJECT TWO: Was to Resize an Existing Dining Room Table to Accommodate More People

Formal Dining Room Table


Resized Dining Room Table with Additional Leaves and Custom Pad

Resized Table

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PROJECT THREE: Create a Custom Buffet Server to replace a "Hoosier Cabinet." The custom cabinet was designed to function as storage, display of kitchen and service collectibles, and for buffet service.

Example of a Traditional "Hoosier Cabinet." which was being replaced

Example of a Hoosier Cabinet

Free-hand Sketch of Custom Cabinet


CAD Drawing Produced from Sketch

CAD Drawing

Assembling the Cabinet

Cabinet Assembly

Final Assembly On-site

On-site Assembly

Finished Cabinet

Finished Cabinet

Upper Part of Cabinet

Upper Cabinet

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Breakfast Room Custom Table and Chairs

Assembly of Custom Table to Coordinate with Cabinet

Assembly of Custom Table

Delivery and Set-up of Custom Table

wood table

Completed Custom Breakfast Room

Completed Table

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Why We're the Best
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Custom Furniture Videos

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Custom Display Cases
Custom Kitchen Storage Cabinet


Beautiful Custom Chest

This lovely Ladies' Custom Lingerie Chest has many special features including:

Jewelry Cabinet
Anti -Tarnish, Felt-lined Drawers
Granite Top
Beveled Mirror
HIdden Compartment at Base of Cabinet

LIngerie Chest
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Cliff Wagner, Proprietor
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