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Restoration Services

Furniture Restoration & Refinishing

Restoration and refinishing can be done in ways that do not harm the value of your furniture. So it is important that you only do business with a reputable, experienced, furniture restoration expert. Mr. Wagner has been involved in furniture restoration for more than 40 years and has restored thousands of pieces of furniture.

There are many methods of restoration. You have probably seen a program or two on television that said the value of your antiques may be diminished by refinishing. We take that into consideration and advise you of the best course of action for each piece. For example, the conservation of a finish is different than the cleaning of a finish. Conservation uses methods that are reversible and are of museum-like restoration. Removal of a finish is a different method. Only a reputable restorer should assist you in this decision, whatever he does should enhance and protect the value of your items.

Available Finishes

  • Standard Finish:
    We have selections of rich-looking stains, dyes, and paints.
  • Old Money Look:
    Standard/old money finish is applied and physically hand-distressed.
  • Museum Look:
    Base color is applied and second color is crackled over base. Glazing and distressing can be applied, if desired.
  • Finish Conservation:
    This is often the best finish to use when working with high-quality antique furniture to best preserve the investment value.
  • Color Matching:
    We can match the finish to an existing a piece of furniture, wood, picture or paint/finish chip. We custom-mix colors to best work with the supplied item.
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Furniture Repair

Repair can be structural or cosmetic, depending upon the type and extent of the damage. We often do insurance work, repairing furniture that has been damaged by water, fire or general mishandling and abuse. In cases of extreme damage, creation of missing pieces may be necessary.

Our furniture repair specialists have decades of experience. These specialists take extreme pride in the quality of their work. In structural repair, it's what you don't see that's most important. The integrity of the individuals doing the repair and the love of what they do shows in the result.

Fabrication of Missing Pieces

Missing a drawer from a chest or a finial from your four-poster bed? From replacing a missing table leg to creating an entire piece of furniture to coordinate with an existing set, The Restoration Society can help. We work with you directly, using our knowledge and experience of antiques to create a seamless match with your furniture.

Sometimes, families are lucky enough to have special pieces that are passed down through generations. These items often hold more value to the lineage than the resale value. Maybe we just want the item to be cleaned, maybe there is something that would complete the look by fabricating a small missing piece, or maybe it's a table that needs just the right set of chairs. The Restoration Society can help with this or anything that will help you complete your family heirloom at a reasonable price.

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We perform the labor, you provide the material. We are able to suggest high-quality fabric vendors who have reasonable prices. This is unique in the marketplace and a savings to you.

It is unusual for upholsterers to have a complete furniture restoration shop on-site. Many upholsterers do not have the capability to complete the entire restoration process and send your pieces out. Here at The Restoration Society, we complete the entire process.

Cain & Rush Work

The same individual has been working for us more than 40 years and has never received a complaint. We refer to the "bones" (framework or foundation) of the item being caned or rushed. If the bones are in disrepair, the caning cannot be completed properly. There are many different types of weaving available. We take care of the complete process and are very proud of our caning and rush work.

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